The UCLA Art & Global Health Center does all of this and more.


Operating in eight countries on five continents, Art & Global Health Center programs begin with local artists and artisans communicating about HIV/AIDS and other public health issues in accessible and entertaining ways. Learn more about our programs and partnerships including:


(757) 754-6629

Arts based, Multiple intervention, Peer education HIV and STI prevention programming for high school youth featuring the (810) 724-6922 and pilot squads in Atlanta, Chapel Hill, & Mexico City.

(646) 640-1974

(780) 303-1574


On-the-ground, youth-driven art interventions in Malawi and South Africa. Visit the center online at


The A.R.T. Show

The A.R.T. Show

A touring exhibition of work by southern African artists responding to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in an age of antiretroviral treatment.


Through Positive Eyes

Through Positive Eyes

An international photography project of HIV-positive people in cities around the world. View the project at

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Founded in 2006, the UCLA Art & Global Health Center is part of UCLA’s unique Department of World Arts & Cultures/Dance, a leading institution for the study of the arts in a global context.