I drink coconut water in the morning.

The old man possesses great wealth.


She is filthy rich.

The beautiful woman tore her red dress.

Naoto and Naren bought a house in the suburbs.

Things change too quickly.

If you don't have an accident on the snowy roads I think you should be able to get back safely.


Choose a good restaurant to go to eat at.

Are you a teacher here?

It is still a mystery who wrote the letter.

Love is the miracle of civilization.

We are both from Boston.


I'm quite interested in philosophy.

Nobody seems to be in charge.

In algebra, we often replace numbers with letters.


What makes you think that?

I don't know how old Louis is now.

I see him pretty often.

One day without reading makes the mouth grow thorns within.

The cake was all eaten up before I got home.


I felt very uneasy.

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Do you know the movie Avatar?

Returned to the villa, afternoon snack.

I don't know really.

Leave the bottle.

I would be thankful to you if you stayed until tomorrow.

This is a good sign.

This is a very interesting book.

Jorgen loves his wife.

The economy is in turmoil once again.


Ethan will leave in a few days.

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Tell Pedro I love her.

I'm just a plain old office worker.

I have a package for them.

Earle gave a low moan.

That's a relief.

How is he getting along with his school work?

We can't do anything until we get back to the office.

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Reinhard told me that he thinks Donna is cute.

If you were Norm, what would you want?

Gabriel, I think I've fallen in love with you.

Earl's book was never published.

Be careful not to make any mistakes.

It's good to try new things once in a while.

Skeeter ran too fast for us to catch up with him.

The boys in the village laughed at me.

I have rights.

I don't have the key.

Everybody in the picture is smiling.

Robin goes to the spa each week.

The doesn't trust anyone: not his friends, nor his wife, nor his children, nor even himself.

Money enables you to buy anything.

They wanted a wedding picture in front of the Eiffel Tower.

The sun is essential to life.

I'll be back in a sec.


I think I'd want to know.

I heard that Francisco was sick all last week, but she looks well now.

John is familiar with the business.

It occurred to me that there's a book that I need to return today.

I had Frances make the call.


This hotel was built last year.


The bad-tempered man snapped at his daughter.

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Mikey isn't my client.

You're not ready to go yet, are you?

Is there a train station near here?

There's someone waiting for you in your office.

Give me a call sometime.

I need to know what Farouk knows.

I think I did that.

The sun was shining like gold.

Julia has come all the way from Boston to be with us today.

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Do we know for sure it's Cristi?

I filled a vase with water.

I didn't know that you could drive.

I see that I am surrounded by hostile faces.

Stop lazing around and look for a job.

You certainly deserve a break.

Knute won't be home for lunch.

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I intend to explore the current trends in the evolution of mass communication devices.

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Do you want this T-shirt?

I guess I just needed some rest.

I went to the airport to see them off.

Call me later in the week.

She's boiling eggs in the kitchen.


It's easier to learn a new language when you are young.

We all had hope.

Sanford said he would do what we asked.

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Tea is a popular beverage throughout the world.

If you sit back and rest, you will feel much better.

You take me for a sucker, don't you?


I don't like pizza any more than I like spaghetti.

I don't know how to make friends anymore.

Mother told me not to keep company with him.

No. He doesn't like water!

He put his arm around my waist.

I could stand no more.

We tend to watch television, whatever show is broadcasted.

I'd like to introduce you to my boss.

How are we going to manage this?

One of the dogs started barking.

We've been looking.

We could get over the difficulty.

I'm adding the finishing touches now.

We've all been through a lot together.

Don't try to help me.


I'll go downstairs.


Let him come.

This shows his loyalty to his friends.

The two most important people in the meeting are Mariou and Skef.

English is the language of the world.

Are you going to get in trouble because of me?

How am I supposed to dress?

Take no prisoners!


Tarmi owes me a lot of money.

She hates getting up early in the morning.

Do you have a crush on my brother?

Something horrible happened in the busy square.

I know Carole comes on a little strong.

Ahmet showered Warren with gifts in the early stages of their relationship.

It is said that he is a millionaire.

Has anyone seen that movie?

I suggest you all get out of this room as soon as possible.

Kit told Lowell he thought she was stupid.

You haven't downloaded that app yet?

Why is it dangerous?

You look unsure.

Saying you can't do the job because you're too busy is just a cop out.

Hey, who gets to ride up front?

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You should consult them.


I really do want to get to know you better.

Fashion is not my specialty.

Alain handed the photo album to Charleen.

Power plants are the largest major source of emissions in the U.S., together accounting for roughly one-third of all domestic greenhouse gas pollution.

Masha didn't know her parents.

Keep in mind that Vince doesn't speak French very well.

I haven't been sleeping very much lately.

Kris's colleagues praised her for winning a new account.

Wisdom is a treasure for eternity.

I am indifferent to flattery.

Pasta is Fernando's province.

Let me tell you your fortune with cards.

I'm pretty sure Rodger's dependable.


I majored in literature at the university.

Many devices there are for escaping death.

Most men think like that.

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He endeavors to attain his goal.

Cory's a lot bigger than me.

This is the first time I've ever got angry.

Look, what a beautiful moon!

We're going to leave tomorrow morning.


Have you told Brender about where you grew up?


These measures can prevent the disease from spreading.

I thought you had to go.

Tell me where you're going.

She should not have done such a thing.

He was accused of being neglectful of his duties.

I'm not finicky.

What was the outcome of the election?

This steel bar must be tempered.

Connie is walking down the hall.

It only took Bea a moment to decide.

Please tell them it's urgent.

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Dan left the pub in a white pick-up truck.

What are you following me around for?

There are people who prefer standing room in first class to a seat in second class.

You're avoiding the question.

Rodent hates listening to this kind of music.

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Albert phoned Edmond.


We're expecting Spy any day now.